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Struggling to understand canvas sizes...


I'm a bit confused about canvas sizes and dimensions in general to be honest.

Why is it that if I select a new A4 document in Photoshop for example (say I want to sketch a new picture), If I use the magnify tool to zoom into to 100% it is so much bigger than A4?

I assumed that when you zoom in at 100% that this would be the actual size of the document as if looking at in if real life.

In fact it looks more like real life size at 33.3%

Hope this makes sense?



Well-Known Member
If you mean it looks more like real life size at 33.3% and not at 100% by you holding up a piece of A4 paper to your screen, then it all depends on your screen size and resolution. Eg. If you are working on a 19-inch screen it will to different to working on a 49-inch screen.

As with an 800x600 resolution (old school) vs a 1920x1080 resolution