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Strange DF Error


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(this is why we should have the power to moderate our own threads)

but yeah, it's happened a few times before... just needs deleting and doing again


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oh and in answer to your question...

no, vistaprint are shocking and incredibly overpriced for the quality they offer.

it's basically a site for "designers" to "design" business cards and send off to their clients, that doesnt require AI files.

it takes JPGs.
So I am guessing the quality of the cards are bad then? And thanks for that about the error? Remove mate and ill re do it, see wat comments i get


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the quality of the cards are okay, but by no means value for money.

i cant remove anything glen, but greg/chris/aarlev can :)


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I think the error is (stupidly) related to having print in the title, as it's serving you a print version of the thread. I literally just PMd you this Glen but I'll pop it here too:


Quick warning about a scam that is going on. This isn't a joke I am afraid. I found this out the hard way and so have other people on moneysavingexpert.com.

When you purchase from vistaprint.co.uk You occasionally get offered freebies in the checkout. If you accept any of these offers your details are passed to a third company that starts a subscription charge to your account. This subscription costs £9.95 a month. The only way to get out of it is to contact the company and give your membership number, something that they neglect to tell you what it is. Also you don't have to accept the freebies as apparently there is a "glitch" on the site that signs you up regardless. Seemingly the only way to get your money back without a membership number is to get your back to dispute the payments.

Payments taken from your account are usually about a month after the initial purchase on, or around the initial purchase date. and reoccurring every month after that. They are listed as CLUBPREM.COM, PREM.COM and occasionally VPREWARDS.COM.

So word of warning about vistaprint.co.uk

URGENT ADVICE PLEASE..is this illegal.... - Page 24 - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums

<some guy at work>
I got many times another kind of error... can described it now..ill screen when it happens again! (its a frustrating error because it happens many times when you´re finishing some post and you lost everything you wrote :S)

btw someone tell me whats is the policy to delete comments or threads in forum? (you receive some kind of admin message if they delete something?)