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Stopping to admire the scenery


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You can keep them..... I'll stick with things like this and this :)

Actually 90% of my local area is nice scenery, got to love living near the coast of Norfolk :)


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I live on the edge of the Derbyshire Peak District and there's not a day goes by that I don't stop and look around.


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I lived in Norfolk for 11 months when I was 8. I had a good time.

My views are mainly of the rooftops and greenery where I live, on the 2nd floor looking out over Forest Hall in Newcastle. Plus, there's a sandwich shop. I can see bacon any time I want... top that!
Last year i was often in Cannon Street because I was working in the nearby. I think the street, the building and the area in general are amazing. I haven't found some good pictures to show you, but just to give you an idea http://www.gia.uk.com/projects/party-wall-projects/cannon-street-station-london/ you can have a look here. It' the opening of the street that also makes it amazing, when you go out of the Station and look right... really beautiful...


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I find that if you stop and look around in London, people think you're a tourist and immediately try and rob you. Or that could just be Soho.