Stillness as an Animation?


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I'm currently studying for my Masters Degree in Motion Graphics and am researching into
Stillness Versus Motion.

I am looking for people’s contributions as to what objects/symbols/even movements represent stillness to them. For example a bird occasionally tweeting or a cloud drifting across the sky… any ideas and objects are welcomed!

I’m in the process of creating an interactive website that will represent these associations as animations.

Thanks for the help!


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Personally I think nothing is ever still. Even stationary objects have a motion due to the rotation of the Earth.

If you are referring to the metaphorical stillness that is implied on a 'still night' then it's just a case of no 'human' noise, ie no cars/planes etc


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If you ever go caving you will experience the total silence/stillness of the cave. Turn off the light and just look into the darkness and listen to the nothing. When I used to do this I could just sit there enjoying the sensory deprivation for a good ten minutes. Only the my numb bum and freezing extremities getting me moving again.

Another ten minutes and you would be climbing a earsplitting flow of the extreme to another.
Still cold though.

Cave. Still, silent and beautiful. Waterfall. constant living roaring motion.


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Mental stillness through practice and concentration is one of the core philosophies of many martial arts.


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The obvious answer that keeps coming to my mind is a still life painting!
Another association would be very calm waters, whilst they can look calm and still on the surface there's a lot of activity beneath, which is summed up with the phrase, still waters run deep (which happens to be the name of a design agency in London)