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Still Learning


I'm studying Graphics at Leed Uni but I'm trying my hand at photography in my spare time. I find myself needing photography for my uni work more and more and so I'd quite like to get better in the hope of improving my work also. At the minute I'm taking photos mainly of landscapes and buildings. I've avoided photoshop for now as well, as I'm more concerned about getting the right composition and taking the best picture possible before editing it in anyway. I know at the minute my photos aren't great so basically I'm after any advice anyone can give me about composition or how to build up my skills. Any websites that might be of interest would be great too.

You can see some of my photos on this link to my facebook page: Lucy's Photos

Please be gentle haha I'm only new!




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Hi Lucy,

I don't know a great deal about photography, or composition of shots, but I like your bridge shots, there's some interesting angles and lighting going on.

As for using Photoshop, I understand what you're saying with not wanting to get carried away with the editing at this stage, but would probably advise looking at the levels of your shots, I've found by just bringing the level sliders in at each end I can get better colours and depth very quickly/easily (Image > Adjustments > Levels)

Will be interested to see what websites are recommended too :)
Thanks for the comment Greg (and for the like on my page!)

I know what you mean about the colours. I did give levels a go on a couple of the bridge shots before I put them online, but with the colour already being quite orangey I found the line between orange and tangoed too fine so I thought it best to leave them as they were.

As for angles, I did try a few different ones but you can't argue that a straight on shot of the bridge across the river is a classic.



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Hi Lucy,

I've had a look at your photos, you clearly have a good eye for composition. 'Langfords Starting Photography is a great book to start off with. Mastering camera controls with stationary subjects is a good way to learn, then work your way up from there. I only started learning properly a couple of years ago, your definitely right to learn in the camera first as there are certain things photoshop cannot fix.
some lovely shots there Lucy, great work. Your composition for the shots is looking great, I like the influence of lighting on the scenes and love how there's a great sense of atmosphere about them.
Nice shots, I'm also a graphic designer & interested in entering the photography world, I think graphic design x photography is a nice combo and can bring so many benefits to your work.

At some point this coming week I'll upload a few shots I've taken for clients.


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I like the pictures you have captured some nice images Lucy. As a general rule with photography I always tend to use rule of thirds, this always seem to make shots more pleasing.
These are really good. You've chosen some lovely angles.

I'm not a professional photographer but both my parents were so I spent my early years hanging around waiting for my parents to take the perfect photograph. Can you imagine what family holidays were like :rolleyes:. My father wrote The Travellers Book of Colour Photography back in the 60's so, of course, it relates to film and the photos are very dated, but the advice about composition still holds true today.

So, comments on your photos:

North Bridge, lovely, unusual angle which makes the shots really interesting. The lighting is stunning.

Trees, I really like these, especially the first one where you have identified the fantastic pattern of the branches against the snow. Don't be afraid to play with this one in photoshop as it would look amazing if you lightened it up a little and played around with the contrast.

Lighthouse, this is where the rule of thirds would have made all the difference. Try cropping the top off the first one so that the lighthouse top is approximately a third down from the top of the photo. I would have tried to place the lighthouse one third in from the right.

Millenium bridge - fantastic photos. I really like the effect of the lighting and the clouds, you chose a great day to take these. If you get the chance to repeat these on a cloudless night, do as they'd be a great comparison.

Some tips from my parents - try to make sure that all people are facing the camera and that cars are travelling into the shot. Not always possible of course but they make the shot look more 'friendly'.

Practice, practice, practice. That's the great thing about digital, you don't need to waste film.