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So its pretty obvious most of us get our business printed by someone professionally but do you do the same with you letterheads or do you print them yourself when you print a letter or invoice etc.


Staff member
I don't have any stationary. Never needed any.

Only thing I have is a invoice that I use to generate a PDF for e-mailing to clients.


Staff member
I can't say I use too much stationary any more either, still have them designed (well the old ones anyway - they're due a change soon too).... I kind of went paper free (keeps the tree huggers happy :p) wherever possible. I can print invoices, and do if asked, but I just email them now... seriously it saves a fair few quid each time when you consider how much recorded delivery, envelopes, ink and decent quality paper costs.

Sean Lee-Amies

Paper free here, apart from Project Agreement documents, which I print myself as often clients want a physical copy for the signature. I'm always happy to have it signed digitally and help them out if they don't know how to do it though.