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Startup advertising project

So this is what I have been working on in recent times with a small team. It's called KINsome and it's a platform that allows brands to be advertise through influential people.

See what you think - opinions, thoughts, critiques all welcome.




Staff member
first thoughts as I click around.... ok so what's it for/do.... clicks faq.... ah there's the info I need....still don't fully get it....

Am I right in thinking this is a mashup of social media likes/retweets etc with google adwords plus... if it is I'm not sure how 'socially acceptable' that is these days as people hit quite hard on 'false reviews'

And are you sure the 'face of the video' is the right one, honestly and no offence intended to the person in the video (just in case it's Alex :p) but I'm not sure I'd take notice of someone who looks like he still hasn't had to shave (it's the moustache mainly) lol
Haha so the stubble really didn't show! Shame I don't know how to photoshop videos :p The way I like to explain it is: Companies sometimes pay people to advertise their brand (think tiger woods advertising nike) and KINsome is a platform that does that automatically. It won't be created for people to falsely review products, it's just for people (influencers) to advertise content that is already suitable for their followers.

Thanks Scotty - I think the orange is a fairly safe bet these days but it's always reassuring to hear another designer agreeing.


Senior Member
Looking at the design and the layout of information, I think it's a pretty sound foundation. The simplest improvement you could make is implementing some web fonts and giving the typography a bit of a makeover.

I'm not sure about the video. I think it's nice that you've given this project a face but it feels a little low rent (the video not the face).
Thanks for the feedback.

Basically, the purpose of this site is to gather interest and a following for when we do launch. There will be a completely new video for when we do launch using graphics and animation (ie: hiring someone who can do that) which will be far better than the one I made. It was a case of showing we are real people and trying to explain the concept. I mean, i'm not an editor, and definitely not a videographer (this is the first real video I have made) but the team is very helpful so we can definitely improve for when we launch.

Are there any critiques on the actual concept as Levi made? Is the site clear to explain what it will provide?