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You are definitely good ! ... Thank you for the video, it’s so true...
I have had a look at and very impressed with how much there is available!! Already started a course on photoshop / illustrator and can say that I’m more excited about learning than the job searching.
Good idea to create some things from stuff that I like. It feels like it’s just the beginning :)

How old is your son now?
I also tell my child to "find what you love to do” the most important lesson. It takes guts but its worth it
That's awesome Sophia! :D

I think the hardest thing is to make a start.
If you get stuck with anything, don't be afraid to ask on here as most members are very happy to help and advise.

My Son turns 16 in January and he's already doing a two day per week at a design business that also provides training studying multimedia.
I think they maybe offering him an apprenticeship when he leaves school all being well.
Yesterday he told me he's spotted two typo's on a client job that was about to go for print which is more than his Dad could have done. ;)

It's not easy to follow your heart but it's something I do believe in.
My Dad used to tell me "Find a job you love and you'll never do a day's work again".


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We are definitely on the same page my friend :)

I am glad i joined this forum and thank you for the inspiration - I will definitely stay in touch - don’t go anywhere !


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The issue is I wouldn’t know how to sell my services if I don’t know what their needs are. For this reason I feel my choices are limited to my familiar environments such as publishing companies, even newspapers (I thought of these when you mentioned industrial estates :) It’s also a confidence thing when you meet people as a professional.. I did it a few years ago when I met with the University and this was so good, I felt so lucky because it was just the thing I could do and this is when I learnt to use InDesign as I had been using QuarkXPress before. It all went really well but after a couple of years they stopped outsourcing work! I tried different Universities for similar stuff but they were all in-house and not looking for freelancers. I also looked at publishing companies but didn’t get very far. I wouldn’t know how to approach chambers of commerce and SME meetings :-( But I understand about “persistence” and patience yes, I am not too good with this, I guess when I was younger it was so easy to walk into any office and sort out whatever was at the desk.
It really would be best to get out and network - if people don't know who you are it will be very difficult to get in anywhere.

I know from experience when I worked in-house designer many moons ago, that we got freelancers sending us in our logo redesigned, the cover of the magazine/newsletter redesigned, or anything at all. Quite a few times the work was a good standard so we hired them.

If you even go to a networking event, you don't even have to talk to anyone, just leave your business card with them at the their stands, or on everyone's seat before the thing begins etc.

It is a very good way to get respones.


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I am on the fence whether to buy Affinity or not. I think the applications will be good and you can't argue at the price but from what I have found online the general consensus is that the program you use doesn't really matter if you are working freelance, it is only if you are wanting to work in house that you have to be using industry standard software.

I am in a similar boat to you Sophia, though given what you've said I don't have your experience. I've found, Skillshare, Udemy and Gumtree to have some useful stuff on it, though Lynda is certainly the most professional of the bunch.

Good luck, I will be interested to see how you get on over the next year.