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Started a Placement - Not what I expected

Hello guys. I have currently just finished my first day at this "placement" basically its where i go work for someone for free for a few weeks.

Now I started off the day by pealing a 20 foot sticker pattern from this roll, i had two of them to do...

After that i had to rip the border off of 8 rectangle boxes (like the private hire taxis stickers) but the boss also wanted me to keep the thin blue lines for some reason... So i had to cut them out carefully. i have 50 sheets of 8 to do...

I then had to use the blue stripes i gathered up to put on a white bored so he could write evenly on it.....

Then i had to help him lift a big sight into his van, then out and onto the roof...

After that i had to flattern and stick the logo and number on the them rectangle boxes i talked about earlier, half way through (this was at like 3:00pm) i was allowed to have my launch.

After i came back i had to finish sticking the stickers on, after that i had to cut the completed rectangles out into strips....

After that he said your gonna do some work on the computer now (i was like O M G!!! what i've been waiting for) He says to me "i want a bright yellow background with green text saying "company name here" and thats it, he gave me no other information to go on so im sitting there feeling like a useless twat, and he was so busy with other people walking in and out of the **** hole he calls a studio (aka bird ****ting from the roof inside the unit lol) asking where their orders are etc.

OK! after all that if your still reading this is where i need your help.

Btw the company is run by asians and all they do is business cards, take a way banners and leaflets.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? i wanted to do a graphic design placement where i learned new techniques and corrected on stuff i do wrong etc. Should i leave it and find another or stick at it?

Kind regards Sal.


Senior Member
Ask him if you can make him a cup of coffee and spit in it.

On a more serious note, when you're not there, someone else probably does the crappy jobs from time to time. All I can say is hang in there for a few more days and if it doesn't get any better you should probably confront your boss. Ask him if there are any ongoing projects which could use a fresh pair of eyes or on which you could chip in. If you see him working on something you could inform after the project and praise whatever it is (even if it looks like crap, he might not appreciate critic from the intern).

Do you have any co-workers or is it just you and him?
Work placements often aren't what you'd expect! Stay positive man! If it's not for you, move on! There must be plenty of studios who would have a bit of time and advice to offer you! Remember you're starting your working life and we all have to start somewhere.

Don't spit in peoples coffee!
No there are other people there, basically him and his brother run the company and there is two other guys who do the "design" work, them two just do more active jobs, kinder like what i was doing today, but they dont get as much done.

The other guy who was there spent 8 hours on one flyer and he had this god damn annoying cough.

wish i could do freelance but im not that experienced yet :(

the thing that worries me is i want to do design work, yes i know take away leaflets are design but... when i try get a more "serious" position at a company i dont want my experience to be take away leaflets lol. especially when there all done a set way, doesnt leave much room to explore.
hmm back alley studios......if i were you I would start ringing around design studios local, explain your situation and say how you have looked at their site and portfolio and love their work and would love to gain experience from them.
It's all part of the learning process...

Stick it out until the end of the week - work hard and be enthusiastic until you find something else. When you leave ask them if they would write you a reference.

Then find a 'proper' design studio.