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Starcraft 2-obsessed fitness freak signing in...!

Hey everyone! My name's Sam, I'm a 22-year old freelance web design and developer from Manchester, UK. I love learning new stuff, drumming, mountain-biking, jogging and playing Terran on Starcraft II...

I'm currently in the process of developing and working more in web design, as it's a huge passion of mine as I've used the internet as much as I possibly could ever since I was a youngster. It's genuinely fascinating to discover new methods to build and create websites - and whilst I'm learning, I'm posting everything in tutorial or article form over at my blog, Redesign The Web. If you get chance, I'd love to get some opinions on it - but I'm sure that's for another topic...

Great to be here anyway - hopefully I can help out in one way or another :angel:

(Oh, and I'm still a n00b at Starcraft II - but if you want a game, hit me up!)
Thanks so much for the warm welcome, I'm excited to share my works here! :)

And Paul; I still can't react quick enough, unfortunately...I lose a great deal of my games due to this downfall! :(