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Spring Cleaning


Junior Member
Evening all,

The whole XP - Vista thread which not surprisingly turned into another Mac v PC debate got me looking at my machines both home and at work, and I’ve decided that my work one is far too sluggish for the spec and is in need a good ol’ spring clean.

Now unlike my home PC which gets a regular cleaning so i’m happy with the software i use - I’ve never had to do this for my work mac.

So my question is - what software is out there that will give my mac a nice tidy up and get it back up and running to full speed again?


Staff member
I was under the impression macs don't slow down like windows from all the mac users :p:cool:

How much ram does it have, is it enough?

As to utils - cocktail seems to get good reviews and I would go on a clear out of any temp folders etc and remove any junk.


Senior Member
Cocktail has got some good reviews.

CleanMyMac got some good reviews too, and it does exactly what you're looking for but it's expensive as hell!

Disk Inventory X is a disk visualizer, it shows you what files take up the most space, but you have to delete them yourself. And it's free!

PS: I know that last one might seem very weird, but it's very really effective ;)


Senior Member
Disk Inventory X (recommended by Onartis) is a great app for Mac. Deleted like 30GB of unused files in about 1 hour or less, and it well improved how fast my mac was going.


Junior Member
Thanks guys I'll give the freebie a try and attempt to convice the powers that be to spend some money - or I could just try and get it through our service contract........