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I love Spotify! Thousands and thousands of songs available, all free and 100% legal. You're free to make tons of playlist, mixed songs or just one artist. And the ads? Haven't seen much of those. One picture-ad that was for a little while and one sound-ad for Snow Patrol months ago.


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Ah well, at it's 100% legal (somehow!) I've decided to jump on yet another bandwagon.

Still surprised they've managed to make it legal mind.


well i suppose you can't download the track, just listen to it.. and it takes up bandwidth or usage.. so i guess they are just doing it the way to avoid having to pay license to sell the tracks, just like a radio station :)


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Liking it a lot. I'm almost glad some aren't available, as it shows that if artists dont want their music available it wont be.

Loving MGMT and Sigur Ros currently.