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Spotify users: You may find this interesting.


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I ended up listening to a cassette, no idea what the final outcome is? Confusing!
I went with W4Q4 then I7S7...
More info (which wasn't in the first post as I thought it was more interesting that way):

Hurts and Manchester novelist Joe Stretch have created a wonderfully unique experience on Spotify in which you get to play the protagonist.

Narrated by actress Anna Friel, ‘Don’t Let Go’ is an interactive audio novel which utilises Spotify in a completely new and unexpected way. Each chapter of the novel has been published as a track on Spotify, and can be located by typing a unique code into the search field.

After listening to each chapter of the story you’ll be offered a choice of what to do next, along with the unique code for each action. Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to stop arch villain Guy Lockhart from distributing his heartbreak cocktail and condemning humankind forever to a loveless, empty existence.

Along the way you’ll also hear extracts of music from Hurts’ brand new album Happiness . If you manage to get to one of the story’s eleven possible endings without dying, you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive preview of an album track. So choose wisely…

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If each route ends with one of their tracks or a sample, which it sounds like it does, then it's quite a clever little campaign to get new listeners for their tracks, after all Spotify is about discovering new music.
I really liked it, my 15 year old brother didn't. So it maybe a good idea but not work for everyone.

My liking it may have been to do with Anna's voice though. Plus the story seems to peel off a bit the further it goes.


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Already heard it last week. They played the first segment as an advertisement and told me to search for the next segment.