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Spot UV Business Card Critique


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I've been wanting to use spot UV for a long time and am super jazzed about it but I want to make sure I'm not going overboard with it.
Front The logo will be spot UV and the shadow will be print
Back "Hello" will be spot UV, everything else print. I added my logo to the background which will be spot UV as well, it will be completely white on white......you won't notice unless the light hits it or you run your finger across it.
What is your opinion on using the white on white spot UV logo approach, too much? Or actually pretty cool?
I'ts so simple, but we kill ourselves over the small things, I've been going back and forth and am deciding to get some feedback from everyone here. I'll also post the back WITHOUT the spot UV logo

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You will likely have alignment issues with Spot UV on this. There is a tolerance of between 0.5 - 1mm movement of Spot UV placement, and some elements of your logo may well be too small/ fine lines to print UV (especially the est and ruler lines). I'd check with your printer for their opinion of what elements may cause an issue but just thought it worth flagging up.
Hey mhossey,
I know this thread is specific for the Spot UV subject, but I just wanted to point at a couple of elements in your business card, if you don't mind. On the back I wouldn't do the whole text in italic; it makes harder to identify a hierarchy and it might appear cheap-looking. On the front, take a look at the alignment of the line between the words "Micheal Hoss" and "Design."
Keep up with the good work!


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@Russell Good point, talked with the printers and this shouldnt be a problem after reviewing the file, a handful may shift he mentioned, but on the whole they will print up nicely.
@Gianluca no prob I'm always glad to have my work critiqued, I'm testing more options with the text right now as well as the bar. I would love to know one of your personal recommendations for designing with type as this isn't my strongest point :)

BUT NO ONE ANSWERED MY ORIGINAL QUESTION!! lol Would love to get your feedback on the op