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Spot colour on letterheads

This is a question for the printers.

I have a client looking for 5000 lettherheads, now I have the artwork set-up from a previous job as a full colour job, but having looked around I can see we would be slightly cheaper going for a 2 colour job.

My question is this, if I am to choose the 2 pantone colours I want, would I be charged extra if one of my spot colours were metallic like pantone 872C?

Stationery Direct

Staff member
1 pantone and 1 metallic pantone on a 120gsm laser guaranteed bond, 5000 off:
£299 +vat

2 pantones on a 120gsm laser guaranteed bond, 5000 off:
£170 +vat

FREE mainland UK delivery.

Hope that answers your question :icon_smile: