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Sports Clothing Logo Design

I have always thought about venturing into the clothing design business somewhere later in life and was giving it a lot of thought recently. Still not sure on the name but did a few mockup ideas and this is the one I liked the most, please leave a comment about what you think of the name/design.

The name of the clothing brand is Primal. The main thinking behind this is through the crown. The crown represents the "M" and the choice of the crown was through a Lion. A lion being the king of the jungle its only fitting for them to have a crown. The lion represents strength, power and leadership. It is savage yet humble. A protector and a conqueror. And since the clothes wil lbe aimed at Gym goers it seems only fitting.


Like the name, suits the category. Design…ok, I buy your rational but if this were a live job for me I'd be looking at a couple of options and testing with your target market. Primal / gym could also = Energy/power/movement etc….nothing that is evident in the current design…but as a complete opposite that still technically fits the criteria it would be good to test against your more 'refined' approach.


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First of all, I don't see a crown, I thought it was two people. Primal doesn't go with crowns, if you want a lion reference,
you need to have a lion in there, surely? I also think the M needs to be the same size as the other letters. Apart from that, it's ok.
I definitely agree with Wardy, immediately I thought it was two people standing side by side, also if you want it to relate to a lion - add a lion. I like the name however I think there is a cycling clothing company called this too, you may want to check that. A good start though!

Paul Murray

Staff member
I also don't see a crown, it looks like two teepees to me. Crowns also tend to flair out at the top (like a W), the opposite if what an M does. Could the triangles in the negative space around the M be turned into lion teeth maybe? Then you could further hint at a lion through the use of eyes or something.
Cheers guys, Okay, so my other ideas that I didn't flesh out were: With the P for Primal, the round part was a shape of a lion looking towards the crown. I did think about teeth, but that veered into claws, so the M was almost 'slashed' in but a similar design is already been done by Monster Energy. One of the things I am thinking about is 'PR' creating a lion out of those letters, and refining the Crown. But for me, it feels like there would be too much going on. Ill flesh out a few ideas.

Yeah with the crown it was hard trying to make it still represent an 'M'. The design is almost Tribal, but yeah its stretching it.

Maybe as an idea you should try fitting Primal into the lion instead of the other way around. Focus on your lion design first and then the wording? That way whenever people see it without the wording they will instantly go "oh that's Primal" just as you would with the Nike tick/Adidas stripes/etc.


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I think you're getting too lost in the crown idea, which doesn't relate to the word primal really.

Either call it Primal and forget about crowns, or call it Regal, then you can have a lion with a crown!