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Spiritual designs for T-shirt Business

Discussion in 'Design Jobs & Employment Forum:' started by Talyn71, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Talyn71

    Talyn71 New Member

    We are starting a new T-Shirts business with Laser engraved wood accessories; and looking for fresh new art for t-shirts & Vector Art designs for laser engraving to be featured on our website.

    We are looking for all types of Spiritual designs, such as but not limited to. Sacred Geometry, Sacred Symbols, Crop Circles, Sacred Chakras, Native American Art, Zodiac Signs Series Art.

    We pay 20% net profit per shirt, 10% on accessory or any products sold with your design. Prices will range from $10 - $500.

    1. Designs are anywhere from 1 - 6 colors, with a maximum size of 12 x 16 inches. Avoid using the garment color as an element of your design.

    2. Submissions should be 640 x 800 pixels (keep file size below 10MB please).

    3. Background should be your suggested shirt color & should be added in your Notes.

    Those who are interested and feel they want to work with me send me a message for more info.

    Thank You Love & Light
  2. Talyn71

    Talyn71 New Member

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