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I havent but I would love to do it. It looks awesome. I was talking about this with my wife the other day saying I wouldnt mind going for my birthday.


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Id want at least 2 goes. 1 would be over in about 2 minutes. You could go to Alton Towers for £30 and spend the whole day there. Maybe if I have it as a present I wouldnt mind so much.
Man I had to Google it...looks like fun.

A few years back I was present a Peter Gabriel concert at Newcastle.
During the show they inflated one of those ball things and bounced around the stage.

Mad eh.

Berry has the concert dvd...he borrowed it...ahhmm.
Look's ace, possible sickly feel afterwards like but i guess it could be an interesting one. However you could always jump in a fast go kart for 20 laps for an extra £20 its quite an adrenaline rush..
Nah i couldnt do that with the bf. he would never do one - I want to do a bungee jump but the only person i could do it with would be my brother id have to be attached to him cause I know he would go so then id have to go too! He did one for his birthday haha he loved it so much



Did the whole bungie jump thing and skydive and zorbing etc while i lived in NZ :p they are crazy over there :p :lol:


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id never do sphereing (sp? lol) - it makes me feel like puking just by looking at it

(im not too good with being bounced and thrown around :p)

gotta say tho i do wanna bunjee jump!
Aye lets rock!! ...wots the hardest drugs anyone on the forum has done man...

...I did 2 tumblers of Night nurse once...followed by purple Tunes....great rush dudes totally rad.

...Crazy days man...crazy days....