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Speeding ticket!

In 1983 I passed my driving test.
Since then quite a few miles have been tucked under my belt and owned a number of cars.

I have had a clean license all this time, no points or endorsments....

....until today! I got a speeding ticket...3 points and 60 quid fine.
I was snapped doing 35 in a 30 zone on the Tynemouth Road North Shields.

Watch out Berry that's on the way to your office.

Well I'm a tad cheesed at that....:mad:

Yes I know I broke the law but.....:mad:


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It wont make any difference to insurance or anything so dont worry.

Also - Im suprised you didnt get offered the "speed awareness course" - no points or fine just a day lost being spoken to like a retard.


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Do you use miles or kilometers?
In Belgium we can go up to 10 kilometers over the speed limit without getting a ticket. Fixed cameras start snapping at exactly 11 too much, while an undercover police car will measure your speed and subtract 6 kilometers from your speed, so you can go 16 km faster :)

But I don't drive yet; I get to take my theoretical exam in 4 weeks and then I can drive with supervision of someone with 6 years of driving experience. Can't drive alone until I'm 18 though (November) :(
Alright Dude,

I've been living in Newcastle now 6 months, never had a speeding ticket in my 6 years of driving. I got caught twice doing 35mph in 30 zones in the space of 3 weeks., one down at Westgate road and one over at cowgate, Northumbria Police are **** hot with the speed camera's. I've also been pulled over twice by police on late nights, once when I finish work at Sky for Boy racer type Antics :/...hmmm dunno how the Police man worked that one out, my motor is no where near boy racer type lol


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in France you have a lot of speed cameras. It's really boring. It's very easy to lose your driving licence (and also to lose your money just by driving).
You have many places where there is a road which is a beautiful straight line. It is the kind of roads that tell you to drive faster. Policemen love to hide with their speed cameras near these roads. They're waiting for you, seating in their car, thinking "ahah ! what a good day to get money !".
And the current slogan of the policemen about speed cameras is "tolerance 0". If you have to stay under 90 kilometres an hour and if your speed was 93 km, for instance, you lose 1 point in your driving licence (there are 12 points in the driving licence) and you have to pay 45€ (almost 40£)

So, I sympathize. ^^


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I always thought they allowed 10% of your speed + 2mph which in your case makes 35 OK / on the border?

Depends on what side they get out of bed I guess.


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Could be... I was done for 40 in a 30 once (2 weeks after passing my test) - I did have a go by writing to them asking to see the certificate that the gun was callobrated correctly etc... which they sent me a copy off, along with a pic of me driving (bonus) and a **** load of leaflets about the perils of speeding.