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sounds systems for mac


Senior Member
Ok - so Im not exactly the most regular member of this place but I try to do my best when im not busy...

Anyway, Im trying to put together a decent sound system that I can play my itunes through via my mac... at the moment it goes like this...

Mac > Amp > Speakers

Ive seen for sale somewhere that I cannot remember a small control unit made specifically to connect a mac to an amp but it comes with a programme and lets you controll bass, treble etc your different outputs etc.

Havent a clu what its called but ide recognise it - ive got a feeling their branding is red/charcoal like...

Any help or other ideas on makinga decent sound system for my mac/bedroom would be great.




Senior Member
the quick reply is appreciated, but i should have explained.

Im looking for a unit that will go inbetween my mac and amplifier to give me more control of outputs etc....i know its out there - im just un sure of its name...


Senior Member
Ive basically got two options - one is more expensive than the other.

The first is to just get a device to go between my current amp and mac for sound control as you put it, and the second would be to get a new amp all together... alot more expensive though i imagine


Senior Member
Yeh, i want extended equaliser controlls. Plus, this unit that ive seen before had these on it plus the ability to fade between two tracks using an internal program - almost like a mini mixer....