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Sort of music puts you in the designers mood?

Well, as the title says,

What music can you listen to, to put you in the designers mood, or even give you inspiration?

My favourite film, (you may find this strange for a 15 year old), is Shawshank Redemtion. Watched it in media studies and loved it, and have ever since. Could watch it over and over,

YouTube - Andy plays Mozart (The opera part is always good to listen too).

Other than that, i listen to anything tbh, What about you?


Senior Member
I'm positive this thread has already happened somewhere...

Any good classic rock or power ballads
any speed or thrash metal
Any DnB or electro

Pretty much just whatever takes my fancy
Typo said:
Lemon Jelly all the way...
Now there's a man of good taste! :up: :)

I Love designing to Lemon Jelly. Like a bit of Nightmares on Wax as well.

Really into this band called Yeasayer at the moment though, they're great!