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Something I'm working on...


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this is the beginning stages of some cover art I am working on, is it too complicated?

I will save a few versions with and without parts to get a few opinions.

Also, any thoughts on how to colour it?

NB: large space on the left is for the tracklisting


version 2 - less around the middle


version 3 - simple inside the shield


version 4 - vector traced version


version 5 - quick colour

version 6 - more colouring and texture

trying to make it more like a parchment, however this has been done to death, so I don't really like it already

version 7 - now this I really like


version 8 - this is looking close to done

PS This wasn't meant to be a walkthrough a piece I'm working on, but has ended up being so. This is what happens when you get carried away! I'm going to stop now, because I need to here back from the client.
Bit too much texture on V8 imho. Takes away from the main artwork I think. Really love V7!

Perhaps work a bit more on the 'Mike Borgia' text in V8. Looks a bit too simplistic compared to the rest maybe? Could be overkill if you added more to it as well I guess. Looks ace overall! Superb work as usual Mike! :up:


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just heard back from the client, mike borgia (shockingly enough) and he said much the same, but he prefers the colour of version 5.

He suggested band name on the back, which I can really dig! As it gives complete priority to the artwork!

Thanks for the kind words dear boy!


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been working on something else for most of today, but this is todays update after feedback from client.

I can't decide whether the band name needs to be bigger, I've based it on the inside page of a book from 1870 that is on my desk.


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this looks likely to be it!

the space at the bottom right is for other info I don't have yet.

I hope you have enjoyed my process.