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some tunisiwahh photos


Senior Member
oh, and thanks to greg for the username change :up:

grrr ignore the stuff on the very left. bad shot.

(my sister collapsed and smashed her head open)
(the other sister is just gormless)

pretty pissed off i missed the top of it :down:

(lovely smile i have)

i bought a new ipod shuffle 4gb and broke the headphones. now i cant use it :down:


merci bien.


Senior Member
was good, yesh, but i prefer massive parties.

center parcs with friends next year will be a mix of the two :D


Senior Member
Was the haaarrd a reference to a sheep? Because I think that's a camel... :p
And come to think of it, what noise does a camel make? :confused:

EDIT: ok it's close enough