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Some of my Graffiti

Thought I'd post some of my old Graffiti stuff. I'm planning on making a font out of some of this or try to incorporate it in to some Design work somehow or start doing developing it into some more typographical type of stuff for handdrawn logos etc. But yeah it's just finding the time that's the hard part.

(All of this is legal work)

Thanks guys!

@shaqal: It depends on the complexity, but sketches usually take me about 3-4 hours, and a painting (Again depending on size and complexity) about 6-8 hours.


blimey :) good on ya for that patience :) if you make it into a working font.. let me know .. would love to have the .ttf of it :)


Senior Member
Thats some really nice stuff there Aarlev. Ive always been interested in graffiti art but have never managed to quite grasp it myself...
ThomasHardy said:
I hope all your stuff is in legal places :p
Yep all legal. Would never dream of doing it in illegal places :p

I find the whole thing quite ironic though. People call it vandalism but then celebrate Street Artist like Banksy and buy his art for millions. :)