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some more feedback please


Active Member
Tom i much prefer you branding on your avatar than the new project..
The font is ugly and has bad horizontal visual alignment, it has a number of 'x' hights created by the letter 't' that create a seasick visual feel. It is a young club flyer font and does nothing to increase brand credibility. Stick with the original font. Too many young designers 'overdesign'. This is a perfect example. K.i.S.S - keep it simple stupid!

Get the starting point right first, then the web will fall into place.

I think it's too boxy looking at the moment also I know its under construction but the size is a bit awkward. Try using some more colors or a different way to separate the content, from the top nav to the intro to the recent projects everything looks the same and its hard to differentiate anything besides the little horizontal line. I would probably start by re working the layout a little bit and then try to make the nav stand out more or somehow make it a bit more interesting.


Staff member
Got to agree with Berry (this is getting too frequent :p), I prefer the logo on here, although if you were to customise your website one so it wasn't so visually up and down (ie move the horizontal bar on the t up) it may work better. It doesn't help that you have more fonts further down though as its feeling cluttered.

I'm also feeling that there is a lack of 'white space' on some pages.

The portfolio page - how will it look when you add more on to it, the current linked project page des not match up and the links don't work. (firefox 3.5) You need more on it to but I assume its lacking due to being in development at the moment.

Contact page - the contact form just looks lost, theres no mail address and I personally wouldn't ring a mobile. You only need one email addy unless they're for different purposes too (and they're not hyperlinked either).

Lose the 'Tom Stutt Design | Graphic and Web design' at the bottom, its pretty obvious really plus its placement is not consistent.