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Some Logos

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by walker, May 12, 2011.

  1. walker

    walker Junior Member

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm new here and just looking for some feedback on some of the logos i have done.
    I have been using deviant art but not getting any real feedback so thought i'd try elsewhere!

    The first one i'd like feedback on is : Leaf Design
    I do this as a hobby and am self taught. I was considering creating my own website and was coming up with some design ideas for logos... this one of many different names.

    Image :

    Second : Feel The Magic. FTM for short.
    FTM was a logo i made as i wanted to try something new and i think it turned out pretty well!

    Image :

    Third : Purple Petal Designs
    I made this also just for fun and as you can see I went down the coloured objects route.

    Image :

    Fourth : Crossed Telecoms
    I also made this for fun and as i was quite bored and had no knew ideas or projects.

    Image :

    I'm just looking to see what people think of some of my work. It may be simple but i am not experienced with Illustrator or Photoshop.

    Thanks :)!
  2. GilmoreVisuals

    GilmoreVisuals Active Member

    Imo I think they are quite predictable as logos.

    The 'purple' text in Purple Petal Designs logo is too dark, can't really see it because of the simialr background color. I don't really understand the Feel The Magic, why are certain letters bold?

    I quite like Crossed Telecoms.

    I think there is lots of room for improvement in all the logos, but your on for a good start.
  3. marklogan

    marklogan Member

    I think for a starting point you're on the right tracks. If you aren't that experienced with Illustrator or Photoshop you've done a good job. Like GilmoreVisuals says, they are a bit predictable, especially the leaf one which has been done a good few times before. There's a few good books on logos out there if you want some inspiration. Have a look through Amazon and read the reviews. The ones where they explain the reasoning behind the design process are the best in my opinion. Like I said though, you're doing well if you're inexperienced with the software
  4. litmusbranding

    litmusbranding Junior Member

    I like your work. All logos are excellent but I really like Crossed Telecoms Logo

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