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Some help on a Logo

Have a few problems with a logo design for a Non Governmental Organisation. Supposed to be about Agrobiodiversity, but has to be slightly corporate. What does everyone think about this logo?


here an update version to show the b better. Was worried that maybe i;d seen it but did a search and cant find If you can think of were youve seen it let me know.

Also any ideas for an agro-biodiversity NGO. dont really want to show ears of corn etc too used allready. Also would like something thats simple.



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What exactly is "agro-biodiversity", ( I realise I muct sound awfully stupid asking that question! ;) ) might be able to give a little help if we knew the background/brief of the project.


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it's basically farming and all the organisms that go into the topic (ie cattle, bugs used in fruit/veg reproduction etc)


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Comes in handy living in farm central and being friendly with several farm owners, you get to hear all the latest buzzwords :)
There isnt any brief for the logo. Have a brief for branding and Identity. They allready have a logo but it was done by the wife of the Project leader and its really not suitable.

I only have a v low res JPEG no vector version. Also dont really like it. Thought I might give them a few ideas of how it can be changed, redone. But at the moment my creative juices are just v dry.


I think you should perhaps steer away from the geometric letterforms and box, and move to something a little more organic. Not a trendy hand drawn logo, but maybe something alittle softer, more natural. The logo as it stands looks a little like a christmas present.

I like the combo of greens, but not the square boundary. I think you would have more success to simply choose a nice serif font for the letters and use a circle to confine the forms. Simple and elegant.
Thanks for the comments Jim, sorry slow to reply havent been on the forum for a while. I really wanted to try and stay away from the organic, dont know why but wanted to try and break the norm, seen too many organic ones lately perhaps.
I agree with Jim, simple and elegant is the way forward, just as nature intended in this case. That kind of goes against the corporate grain, but natural look should be important here

Also break out of the bounding box and find a more organic shape perhaps.