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Software for Logo Design Student?


New Member
I am new to the forum,
I am looking to update my logo design software,
I am 15 so don't have a huge budget.
I am open to any software which will suit my needs...
- I need to be able to export EPS files
- It cannot be too expensive
I would love to hear your recommendations


New Member
Thanks Balders, I will look into this.
Are you able to access all the Adobe software in the Creative Cloud for that price per month?


Junior Member
Hi Ben,
if you're a student you may well be able to get hold of a copy of Adobe Illustrator Student and Teacher Edition from their site
otherwise have a look at Opensource programs like Inkscape which can export to eps
Hope this helps.
Are you able to access all the Adobe software in the Creative Cloud for that price per month?What is Creative Cloud?With Adobe® Creative Cloud™, a simple monthly membership gives you the entire collection of CS6 tools and more. Love print? Interested in websites and iPad apps? Ready to edit video? You can do it all. Plus, Creative Cloud members automatically get access to new products and exclusive updates as soon as they’re released. And, with cloud storage and the ability to sync to any device, your files are always right where you need them. Creative Cloud is available for individuals or teams.[url="http://www.adobe.com/uk/produ....adobe.com/uk/products/creativecloud.edu.html[/URL]


New Member
balders said:
Adobe have on offer on their educational package for creative cloud. £15.88 per month for 12 months as opposed to £22.46. You could install a trail first and sick it and see.

All depends on your budget I guess.

There are supposed to be some half decent free ones out there, never used any myself thought.

Where did you find the £15.88 price?

Tony Hardy

Failing that, I hear Gimp is a good Photoshop alternative. I know that won't be useful for logos, but for photo manipulation and other work it should do the trick :)