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Social Vending Machine

Dave L

Well-Known Member
Rich Hall used to do a bit about the Cola market where he'd state that between them Pepsi and Coca Cola spend a combined $7bn annually on marketing: the result?

MAN AT BALL GAME: I'll have a Coke, please.
MAN AT CONCESSIONS STAND: We don't have any Coke ... We've got Pepsi, though.


New Member
simple and effective... i know it really just another marketing gimmick but i can see potential in the idea behind it..

although just who on earth is going to buy a pepsi as gift too a friend that isnt with in chuckin distance? other than for the novelty factor?
When I'm thirsty I go to a vending machine and buy a drink I don't want to faf around with all that. The idea is different I give them that but what is the point, if I buy someone a drink it's usually at the pub!!
I can imagine everyone queuing up because no one knows how to work it and spends about 10 hours buying something like with the self service at supermarkets.

it is a nice idea i just dont see it working..