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So, how do you get into this world???!!


Junior Member
Hi everyone,

I'm new on this forum, and has always wanted to be a graphic/web designer, life being what it is you sometimes end up doing another job, but still thinking about this old dream. I decided to give it a go, and start a career in this field, what would be your best advice. Studies, uni, tutorials, evening courses? All ideas and tips are more than welcome! Many thanks :)

x Vans


Senior Member
i think you need 2 things;

1) A great portfolio - made up of concept, or actual work, choose your best work from a range of briefs, be it brand identity, print ads, magazine layout, brochure design, etc... try and diversify.

2) Experience - not as hard as it sounds and most valuable. I worked for free 5 days a week for a design agency, then i worked at the weekend in a lovely (read; terrible soul destroying hell pit) call centre. It got me 6 months experience and a great reference, and a full time contract. Even if it's only a couple of days, get in an agency as it's invaluable.

Mind you, being a creative genius also has it's advantages :hat:
Hi Vans,

Welcome to DF!

Some people prefer learning through courses and others like teaching themselves. So try to find a way that suits you the best. Personally I've learned a lot more from tutorials, forums (only DF of course ;)) and trial and error than I ever have from a course.

The most important thing imo is passion. If you have passion (and of course a little bit of talent as well) and you're willing to put in some hard work then you'll reach your goal eventually. That's my advice anyways. :)

Best of luck with everything! Hope you'll enjoy the forums!
apart froma few course to get me certificates most of the stuff ive learn is self taught ,you can find the answer to most needed skills if your willing to surf long enough. i also make a good use of the local libary (make the most of them folks before they all dissaper!!) anyhow as said before give yourself a good start with a good portfolio.