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Still barely any here :|

'tis amusing seeing all my friends who are teachers (a lot of them are strangely) going 'yay snow day', go back to work you bums, you just had 2 weeks off :p


got about 6 to 8 inches of snow this morning and its still snowing here :lol:


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I have been reading about UK's severe winter weather. Has me a little worried for you. Please be careful out there if you have to go out and drive for any reason. Of course I know that usually goes without saying when it comes to bad weather and driving. I just mean that I hope you all stay safe as you can.
You're in work and u have snow?! Pffft!

Our uni has closed for the whole day YAY!

Hoping to get some good pictures before all the kids come out and ruin the fresh snow!


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I live in Leeds city centre about a ten min walk from work—it's impossible for me not to make an appearance :(


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great day for me, all my college/old school friends have to go to school (and they ACTUALLY have!), so i'm stuck playing modern warfare 2 all day unless i can persuade them to run oiut of school!


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haha :p

they're nerds i guess, either that or they're ****ting it because of exams or something.

either way, im freaking bored!
Stick with the MW2 mate...kill those baddie commies.

Hooked on Vegas 2 at the mo...bit of late night anti terrorist action...sweet.

In my slippers...even better.




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your posts never cease to impress me :p

i have mw2 on 360 but i've completed it so there's nothing else i can really do with wifi connection.

havent got round to getting it on ps3 yet, although am hoping to get rid of gta4 and fifa10 on xbox so that i can afford it proper.

failing that, amazon will be there for me.