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Smithy's Speech


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It started ok, it ended brilliantly. But he spent WAAAY too long mocking people in a rather inelegant way. Could do better.
chrismitchell said:
It was pretty damned funny, even with my absolute dislike of Gavin and Stacy :)
How dare you Chris! Gavin and Stacey is quality!

and I agree with Dave, it was awesome. Greatly setup. Did you carch the behind the scenes at mid night? Was really good how the idea came about!
Do the 'celebs' get free flights and hotels when they visit the troubled people of Africa and the like.

I mean it must cost a small fortune to get the camera team and celebs to the starving folk.

yes I know it helps focus the charity work but still...looks like a jolly to me....five minutes crying in a
mud hut village followed by top grub and vodka cocktails in lardy darr hotels and 1st Class air flight.

Best just give the money to the charity, give the actual charity workers a camera and let them do the video.

Just a thought.


glenwheeler said:
Gavin and Stacey is quality!
each to their own Glen :p personally I could think of more entertaining paint drying than that show :) but thats just me.. :)