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sketches / ideas in online portfolio?

I was wondering what everyone thought to putting up initial ideas / sketches for projects on there web site?

I thought for some of the typographic work I've done, it would help explain it more than just a pretty final piece, which doesn't show the journey / process of getting to the final idea.


Active Member
Personally I like to see the concept coming to life, the initial ideas forming and then the finished article. Its also good to see how the designer thinks and from my point of view I would like to see the reasoning behind the design and what influenced it. I see many design studios websites who show their process and how they got to the final decision.


Staff member
I can't say I do if I'm honest but then my sketches wouldn't be very helpful in showing 3D renderings/. My sketches are more about layout and lighting etc and they'd pretty hard to decipher unless you're me lol


Senior Member
I think it depends. If its somewhere like Behance, and thus largely for the benefit of my peers, I like to show the process and I very much appreciate it when more experienced creative do the same when they exhibit work as it helps us all to learn.

On a portfolio site aimed at a consumer however, it can make a nice touch but people are generally focused on the end product. You wouldn’t hunt down electrical schematics if you bought a new tv.


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I've started doing this more. My portfolio site used to be purely about the finished article, but recently I've been including sketches and black & white line work alongside the finished piece. Sometimes people ask how I work, and reading articles online has lead me to believe some potential clients/bosses like to see how you think and develop your ideas. I've gone so far as to record time-lapse videos of some of my work being done for people to watch. It's less a static gallery these days and more an invitation into my brain.