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Sketch pad


Senior Member
Mines a Goldline Spiral Sketch book with 150gsm paper. Quite nice to sketch in.

Like that all the pages can lie 'flat' on the worktop too because it's a spiral.

But I agree moleskines are where it's at for the look and are amazing quality (it would seem)


Staff member
I'll admit I'm probably as bad as typo on the paper (haven't got the moleskin pants .... yet :p). My printer is right by where I work so I normally just pull out a sheet from there and then end up with a nice stack of pages by the time I'm done. I've even got sketchbooks for sketching/notes etc and they just never seem to get used. I also seemed to like using those 2-3" square paper stacks, they seemed to go down pretty quickly.


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Ditto, I've always been one of the cheap paper offenders, even at uni.

Tutor: "Oh yes you simply must have lovely lovely expensive lovely paper to... scribble on. Student budget? What? I have a Doctorate and I care little for your pithy little financial limitations. Muahahaa!"

To be honest most of the things I finish off get scanned anyway so the original scribble surface becomes irrelevant. Or an elephant. One of the two.


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This is what my mother needs instead of an iBook. Fantastic device!

Couldn't justify a purchase for myself though, my iMac & iPod Touch have got most of the iPad's functions covered. Brilliant product though. Good price too. The Mac currency converter says $499 = £309, win!
I only really use a proper sketch book when I'm using the old watercolours.
Which to tell you the truth has been a while.

I am however doing a little project with local sights, so I may wip it out again in puplic.