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"sizcache=" appearing within html tags - could this be contributing to ie7 problems?

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by bamme, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. bamme

    bamme Senior Member

    Hi everyone

    Ive been handed a site by my colleague. Its for quite a big client. Although it was seemingly done as it works fine on ie8, he may have forgot to check on ie7 throughout building because there is quite a lot of stuff broken here:

    Getronics UK Home - Global IT Solutions (as soon as you go to a subpage.. youll begin to see what i mean.

    (thankfully its still in dev, but the deadline is going to be Monday.)

    When looking in Developer Tools for IE, i see sizecache="(value)" within the code. this isnt a copy and paste but as an example:

    <div id="mydiv" class="myclass" sizcache="2">

    Before i start to try to tackle the ie7 problems, i wondered if this may contribute?

    (Removing this from the html tags via Developer Tools does nothing to solve the ie7 problems.. but then, Developer Tools is a bit iffy sometimes i find..)
  2. Greg

    Greg Active Member

  3. bamme

    bamme Senior Member

    Thanks for the reply Greg, I'm still getting this "sizcache" thing going on - for speed, i just saved the latest version of jquery under it's previous title (jquery-1.4.4.min.js) and reuploaded the site for testing at Getronics UK Home - Global IT Solutions

    Is this what's causing these ie bugs? Ive never heard of sizcache before, and some of the less involved bugs were solved by adding ie specific style rules - so before i go ahead and try to figure the best way to approach each one without breaking something else in my colleagues css it would be a huge relief if i could just focus on this one sizcache problem :)
  4. Greg

    Greg Active Member

  5. bamme

    bamme Senior Member

    Ah i see, thanks for pointing that out - had no clue what sizzle was even. I'll look into that, but I found no reference to it causing sites' styles to break in ie7?
  6. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

    Hi Emma,
    As your using background images, you need to define the width of the containers in order for ie7 to render correctly.
    for example

    Who We Are -> About Geotronics
    on the id of #main give that container a width equal to that of the background image used, this will force the layout and thus show the bg image.

    There is a technical reason for this, but its too early and i have other things to do.

    Greg can I have donate beer money to Geoff button please ? :) lol

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