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Hi there,

First post and looking forward to interacting with some like minded people. Just been made redundant after 15 working as a Photo Retouching & Designer and have decided to branch out on my own. Set up a company called "pixelrite" offering Graphic Design & Photo Retouching, Image Manipulation & Creative Compositions services. Trying to move more into the Web side of things and hope the community can assist with some of the wall's I seem to keep hitting. Will also like to assist others in any way I can with my skill set.

Is there anyone out there that cares about image quality set up with correct profiles anymore? Lost my job to a machine called Intelitune which is an automated retouching tool and is rubbish but cheap.




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Hi Sinky
Welcome - I thought you were called Slinky!
Tough call losing job to a machine - especially a cheap one. Good luck in your venture.