Silly methods of payment by customers


I thought this might be a good thread to start off. I was shocked to read the following job post on and just had to share this with you guys...

"I am looking for someone who would be willing to create a website for me better than the one I already have. I have made my current website and am not very happy with the outcome, so I want to take it in a totally different direction with a different look. I have some ideas of what I want it to look like. I need someone who is able to create a splash page, wordpress theme, and general website. I am not able to pay in cash but am willing to make it worth your while with free phone sex, photos, and videos. If this interests you then please send me a message here."

Naturally I felt compelled to respond to the post...

"Hi Tiffany,

What is the standard quality for video and images, do you have some samples? I would also like to know how long the free phone *** sessions would last? Timescales for your website will vary depending on this and the volume of video/images I have to go through.

Unfortunately I would not be interested in average looking girls, or those with weight problems or physical deformities.

Finally, will these payments be made before, during or after website build? Obviously this will have an impact on my ability to create your website effectively. Thanks,"

If you fancy a giggle, the post is at (if it hasn't been removed yet)

Can anyone else top this for a method of payment?
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No sex toys for me, but I did a website for a wine merchant who didn't have much cash which was nice ;)