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For those that are interested there is a new site over at SigTournament.

They have some nice tutorials/resources for anyone wanting to create signatures, and enter them in, always a tournament weekly with new prizes so worth a look.

I'll post the link if it isn't breaching forum rules & regs.


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Kevin said:
Been there, done that.
Me too, used to like making them. Even made them for other forum members lol. Ah back in the day. They were mainly anime or videogame themed if I recall.


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Boom boom... Did you have Basil Brush sigs as well? Haha maybe we should post some of the sigs we made way back when up for ridicule... I'm sure plenty of mine are still hosted haha. I bet Levi made sigs too.


Staff member
Actually I didn't really make too many sigs, made a couple for myself when I was bored senseless but other than that....

Because of this thread I'm thinking it might be a bit of a laugh to actually do sigs for each other based on what we've done on here, it would be interesting to say the least lol.