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Shumacher is coming back to F1!

xxmissbirdyxx said:
Hahah! No u fool! It was sarcasm lol
LMAO! The Stig is Ben Collins if anyone wants to know! We'll from the last I know it was. Ben Collins was an Ex Formula 3 Driver and also did Nascar. I know a driving instructor from Silverstone and I had it pretty much confirmed after a long chat lol! As for Schuey come back, I really think its good for the sport however dont expect 'The Old' Schuey, yes he's an amazing driver and yes he has Ross Brawn backing up his stratagies but the sport has changed a lot since Scheys days.

Schuey is now 40 yes he's a fit guy but is he as fit as the Likes of Hamilton and Button? At that ages hes not going to be Schumacher like he was. Micheal has not raced a 40 - 50 laps race in over 4 or 5 years so hes going to trouble especially with the heat of Malaysia and Australia etc etc.

I think Mercedes will compete very well and I think Nico will have a good season, Im really looking forward to the start of the season, hopefully hamilton will get off to a good start with the New Car and all the new rules.

Anyone booking Silverstone for this year? If you are would be nice to meet up because Ill definatly be there!