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Short print runs

Hi All,

I'm currently in the process of adding more printed samples to my portfolio but have just realised that some of my more creative work doesn't have any printed material to support it!

Does anyone know of a printer that offers short run litho printing? I was going to get the projects printed digitally but the finish isn't as good as litho.

One of the projects uses spot UV on the cover as well so I suppose this one will cost quite a bit to re-produce in a short run!!

Cheers in advance for suggestions.
I'm sure some printers will, but the cost will still be high - you have studio time, platemaking, press-prep, ink and pressman's time, finishing and cleaning to take into consideration, regardless of the volume of paper. Same with spot varnish.

Do you really need a litho printed product? Digital these days is pretty darn good to the trained eye and indistinguishable to the untrained one!

Are you promoting your design work or the printer's capabilities?
The problem with printing digitally is it doesn't offer the different finishing techniques that I have incorporated into some of the projects.

One project that I want printed involves a hardback cloth covered cover which has white ink on the title and spot UV on the subtitle. It's also perfect bound... I see these finishing techniques as part of the design and are just as important as the overall layout.

Looks like I will have to spend a bit of money getting these things printed again! Why didn't I keep file copies!!!! :-(
Ah I see what you mean. However these are finishing procedures, and not necessarily connected to the printing process. If you can find a printer who can apply a white/clear varnish in place of litho ink you might get the same result. Have a look round for hand-finished binders, they might be cheaper if you supply the printed stock for them to perfect bind. Being in London as well, I'd say you'd have your pick!

But yeah, always keep and large stock of work in the cupboard for these times!