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short grain 11x17 duplex laser printing

1.Buy 8.5x11(up to 8.5x14 in)? or 11.7x49in printer

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New Member
Hello, I have been thinking about purchasing a laser printer to print my books independently.

11x17 gives the most freedom but I read that if I feed short grain paper, it will most likely jam. So the workaround is to print the pages along the grain 2 pages instead of the imposed 4, for which it seems like I won't even need an 11x17 printer but 8.5x11 or 8.5x14 should work the same.

I have been looking at Phaser 7100 dn. The book I currently work on is 12.5 x18.5 in. Should I go for a more expensive laser printer that can do up to 11.7 x 47.2 in? Or a printer that can do 8.5x14 in ? Taking into consideration that I'd want to cut the page along short grain?

Thank you!