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Shop Signs?


My grandad has a Fireplace shop, selling fires and fire surrounds. He has a really out dated logo, with an advertisement designed by some numpty from the paper which looks terrible.

I'd have no problem sorting this out for him - however has no sign outside of his shop which is an absolute stupid idea in my opinion. I could design him one but wouldn't know where to start in regard to getting something like that bought? Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Whats the general cost of these - and how do you get them printed?



Junior Member
Hi there,

Depends really on the size of the sign and material is made from to be honest all factors into the cost as well as having it installed.
I would approach a retail sign shop fitter and compare quotes they give you. It will give you an idea on overall cost. Best giving them a call and talking to them with your overall sign dimensions :)

You could try these they did Argos so will be very experienced but see how they quote: http://www.spencersigns.co.uk/