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Shirt Printing

Happy friday all.

Does anyone have any experience in shirt printing?

We currently have a heat press and vinyl cutter, we are having problems with the vinyl sticking to certain shirts and in certain areas on others...

We press at 160 Degrees and for 15 Secs which is recommended by our supplier of vinyl MDP (Mulberry Design & Print). I have rang them numerous of times but they say that they haven't come across this before so they cannot give me the answers which I need.

The shirts we press on to are 100% polyester (Motocross Jerseys) but they are different brands, some are brand new and some have been washed... we have also tried a 100% cotton shirt and it sticks to this fine also a polo shirt which is made up of 65% poly and 35% cotton and this too worked fine.

if anyone can shine any light on this would be great.

many thanks in advance


Senior Member
Might be a stupid question, oh well! Silly questions sometimes help.

Are you pressing the garment material over a seam or anything like that?

Also do you hit it twice, or just once? We always hit it twice to press the material into the weave of the shirt.

Can you tell if the heat on your press is consistent across the plate?

Does this happen every time or just now and then?

I'll go away and have a bit of think for you.

not a stupid question at all..

no its simply going on the back of the jersey, we are applying up to 3 layers so really we are doing it 3 times.

do you re-press with the backing off?

we are getting our electrician to bring round his thermometer later so we can test the heat to make sure the press is working fine.

It pretty much depends on which type of shirt it is. I have completed around 5 shirts in the past fine without a glitch but this new batch of shirts we have through it doesn't seem to stick.

thanks for your help.


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I don't press the stuff personally, I just cut and weed. The guy that presses hits it once with silicon release, lets it cool off, peels away the carrier, hits it again with the silicon release.

Three layers is pretty heavy. Do you heat solid layers over each other or do you cut the separate colours to butt register? If it's solid on solid the problem might be that the material doesn't adhere to itself, if that makes sense!
We have to add each layer separately.. the vinyl we have is a hot peel so we have to take it off while it is hot.

what is the silicon release?



Senior Member
The silicon release paper is placed between the head press plate and the garment film so they don't run the risk of sticking.