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Just thought i'd mention it:

I started to shave me beard off tonight.

Lesson number one when shaving - always charge up your shaver before hand.

I now look like a cross between Hulk Hogan, the queer one from YMCA and a penny fathing handlebar.

It looks the sh.t.

Keep on mutha trucking!


Senior Member
I'd also like to add, if you ever decide to razor your head, buy a fresh razor, do not DO NOT, use the one you have been using for a few weeks.
Berry said:
My wife started to shave her beard off last night too. Amazing how many Gillettes you can go through in an hour

I really don't think it's right to discuss your wife's 'beard' in public.
It's not the gentlemanly thing to do.

...had to make sure I got the spelling right on that one;)