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setting up a portable studio

Hi, can anyone recommend equipment I would need for product photography. The equipment needs to be portable, easy to store, and inexpensive. Also any tips for taking product shots would be great too.

For small items for product shoots a light box / cocoon is the way forward - cheap and as above says use a light source either side and you are good to go.

For bigger items you will need a background support and either fabric or paper rolls - i use sonething similar to this - Calumet Background Support Kit - MF6090 - MF6090

There are loads of help online for product photography - mine are;

- use a tripod
- use off camera lights and multiple light sources to avoid / reduce unwanted shadows
- use a high Aperture setting / priority to get as much as you can in sharp focus
- set aside a lot of time to practice and to post-process
- note down camera / light settings etc if doing a series to maintain uniformity across images

Dependant on what you are shooting, id invest in some studio lighting equipment such as Bowens or Interfit complete with Umbrellas.

A suitable DLSR with Macro extension cubes or a standard 17-55mm lens.

A cube light studio box, can be picked up off Ebay for no more than £15.00, and a tripod is essential when you are looking for accuracy.

Also you may need to invest in an infrared studio trigger to trigger the flash.