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September avatar theme


Active Member
I said whoever won the DF Book Comp could suggest he next months Avatar theme.

Now...who won.....I'll just check.......Oops me!

So September Avatar Themes...........

I was thinking Fav Superheroes? Vegetables? Famous TV Characters ( NOT EASTENDERS!) I'll leave it open to contributions.


Senior Member
Sports, color palettes, your favorite pair of shoes, plants, every day objects....
Some stuff that comes to mind.

EDIT: Pokémon, lol :D (or just cartoons/comics in general)
Or perhaps, software icons

Re-EDIT: Or a picture of whatever it is you're doing in/with your life right now.

Re-Re-EDIT: lol Chris, I thought you said INTIMATE objects :lol:


Staff member
cartoons/comics/animated characters will do nicely as far as I'm concerned, I was going to suggest that type of thing anyways :)


Senior Member
chrismitchell said:
I was thinking more along the lines of the Beano or Dandy :p :lol:
the beezer was alright.

However as it's my birthday on the first of September, I feel I have some vetto rights :)up:) and I suggest this all the time for fancy dress themes and no one listens to me, so I throwing it out here.

Obscure characters from TV and film.