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My bosses have asked me to purchase some SEO software to look at competitors backlinks etc. They have been recommended SEO Elite and have asked me to purchase it. I'm a bit reluctant though for two reasons. One is that their site looks like a complete scam site and doesn't exactly fill you with confidence. The other is that I've read in places that people found it useful a few years back but it is outdated now.

Currently I'm using SEO Spyglass but it is limited to 1000 backlinks so I'm missing out on some. I think they want to pay around £150-£200 and I just wanted anyones opinions or alternatives if you can come up with any.



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Hey Mark, I have heard lots and lots of talk regarding SEnuke X SEO Software - The World's First Money Making Machine that being said, how much of this is hype/paid reviews and how much is true is hard to discern, but it would appear on the surface this tool does get results.

I have been using the full suite from SEO Power Suite, and for the most part its not to bad, great for record keeping and general routine SEO tasks, but like most SEO products, it really only shows the effects of your manual hard-work, rather than actually automating anything for you, unlike what SENuke X claims.

Look forward to your thoughts.


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marklogan said:
their site looks like a complete scam site and doesn't exactly fill you with confidence
That's probably because of the old-fashioned typeface :). On a serious note, I'm not well familiar with SEO Elite, but can vouch for SEO Spyglass. Yeah, the free version does have its limitations, but the Pro version is really worth it. I've used it for years and delighted to see it getting better. It now gets backlink data from more sources than before.