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Selling a console

I'm sure there are plenty of console-addicts here, so I wondered if any of you could recommend the best place for me to advertise a PS3? Bit wary of Ebay considering all the changes and favouring buyers rather than sellers. I've stuck it up on the forum I originally bought it from (just a pet forum) but wondered where else I could advertise it without getting scammed
Was a bit wary as when my brother was looking for a console on there, there were loads of scam-looking ads. Suppose I could insist on cash and borrow one of those note-checking pens of a shop manage mate of mine


Senior Member
how much? only joking.

Why not just ask around friends? There is always someone floating around, even if its a distant association.


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Am sure if you put it in a local newspaper it would sell pretty quick...have u tried selling it to a store maybe? I know game station are decent, i bought an elite from them which was second hand..