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Seeking full-time junior front-end web developer (in house, not remote)

Huemor Designs LLC is seeking a versatile jr front end web developer to join our team!
Huemor is a start-up studio-style creative agency from Long Island, New York. We pride ourselves on being flexible, innovative, and on the fore-front of new digital trends.
Our work environment is casual, but professional. We operate in a highly collaborative environment (no cubicles or walls and each team member has equal say on our projects) We believe that everyone has something to lend to the project and these differing view points lead to a more powerful end product.
What we're looking for in a candidate
We're looking for an individual who is a self-starter and a problem solver. Someone who is constantly keeping an eye out for evolving web technologies and willing to adapt to new techniques.
The Job
We have jr level front-end web development position available. As a jr level front-end web developer you will work with our creative director and senior web developer on client and brand related projects. As a full-service creative agency our projects vary quite a bit, the ideal candidate is multifaceted, flexible and able to adapt to various project requirements.
The Requirements
  • Proficiency of front-end web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • A solid working knowledge of JavaScript libraries (jQuery is a must!)
  • Experience turning visual mockups into semantic and standard compliant HTML/CSS
  • The ability to code responsive website solutions
  • General understanding of optimization techniques
  • Basic knowledge of PHP
  • Self-motivated driven and able to work independently as well as part of a team, serious about deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proficiency in cross browser compatibility (FF 3.4+, IE8+, WebKit browsers)
  • Experience with Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal
  • E-commerce experience (Magento, OpenCart, Shopify)
  • Comfortable working with boilerplates and grid systems
  • Experience with on-site and server-side SEO
  • Web Design skills (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)
How to Apply
Please send an e-mail to jobs(at)huemordesigns.com titled 'Front-end Web Developer Application' with the following items attached: brief cover letter explaining why you're the right candidate, resume, and portfolio (Either in PDF format, or a online portfolio).

Tony Hardy

Jeff, I would love to come in live in New York. If my family will agree to a move, I might put an application in ;)

Sean Lee-Amies

Yeah I was going to say the same, if you're willing to pay travel expenses haha.

Sean Lee-Amies

It seems like a lot of money for the skills required? Which I applaud, just wasn't expecting it. What's the catch? haha. Have you had many responses for this position yet?


Staff member
Sean, that seems about right to me, if not a little low....I'd class junior as 1 or 2 steps above a graduate designer in a company and a uni grad should get £15-20k.
uk average wage is supposedly £30k and this is roughly the US's average at $50k. Now considering this is in New York which I assume it would have the same sort of premiums that we associate with London so it might even be on the low end.
Cost of living in NYC is VERY high. So this is actually on the entry level payment for this case. However, being in New York it sounds low to me just because of cost of living.

My junior position job was between 35-40 in Florida where cost of living is much lower.
£29.5k - £32.8k is comparable to the same job in London, if not slightly higher. I can't see anywhere being much more expensive to live then London. Its about £1200 ($1800) pm for a standard 2 bed flat in central London, how does that compare to New York? Sorry to go off from the original post.
Euro is 1.29x's the US Dollar, so 45-50k US is approx. 31.9-35.5k Euro.
Cost of living (We're not in NYC, we're on Long Island, which is about 40 minutes outside of NYC) a decent two bedroom apartment can run between 1,200-1,700 US.
This position is entry to junior, meaning it's scaleable depending on experience and skillfulness.
It's slightly above what the standard for LI is (In terms of compensation for this position) however we're seeking talented, bright, and determined individuals so we're aware they typically cost more.
Edit: As for responses, we've had an overwhelming amount of applicants, so we're interviewing quite a few people for the position, but if you're talented, motivated, and legitimately want to work with and help build a studio-style creative agency we would love to see your work / resume.