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Seeking feedback for logo update

Hi everyone

I'm finding it difficult to judge my own logo; I am trying to update my existing logo (the first one) and simplify it, here are three other choices.
MyLogo05-3.png blue-logo.png es-design.png red-version.png


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I think you lose the square a bit in the negative space. I prefer the other one, although
the lines of text need to be exactly the same length. Could SIMMONS work if it was condensed
but with the same spacing as the others?
try having the wording justified and leading so that it is in a square, that should also help with the white space with the above and below the first and last line of text

(do not warp the text though as per you last exemplar )
overlay4-small.png I am finally circling back to this, and I thought I'd try a different font. I did not buy the font, just pieced together screen captures, so not super perfect.
So the new font is on the left, the old is on the right.

Simon Rayson, I think there is a version on April 19th above that matches your art direction. :)

Any feedback, I would appreciate it!